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Terms and Conditions

Headquarters Historic Event Center (Headquarters Event Center, Headquarters, HQ) is owned and operated by Eighty Twenty, LLC. All legal contracts and agreements made by Headquarters Historic Event Center fall under the legal heading and liability of Eighty Twenty, LLC. For more information, please contact Headquarters Booking Support at www.headquarters.events or email us at bookings@headquarters.events .

Premises Liability: Eighty Twenty, LLC shall not be held liable for accidents or injuries that occur on our premises due to guest negligence, including but not limited to slip/falls, faulty equipment, and misused rental equipment. To protect all parties, premises and equipment will be inspected prior to each event. If Eighty Twenty, LLC is found liable for providing faulty equipment or unsafe facilities/premises that causes injury to a guest during an event, the maximum compensation paid by Eighty Twenty, LLC for said injury is $1000. Eighty Twenty, LLC is not liable for 3rd party contractors, including but not limited to caterers, bar tenders, wedding planners, musicians, and event rental companies. Unless otherwise noted in rental agreement, all events at Headquarters are Private Events (not open to the public). Renters understand the potential dangers that themselves or any guest could incur in the renting of the facility. Renter understands that Eighty Twenty, LLC, employees, agents, or insurers cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damage, or death caused by renters/guest negligence or failure to follow terms of this agreement.

Indemnification: The renter agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Headquarters, Headquarters Staff, and any person acting on behalf of Headquarters harmless from all cost and expense resulting from any claims, suits, or liabilities of any kind, including attorney fees, arising from or purporting to arise from the conduct, activity, or any other transaction involving renter, its guests, invitees, contractor, or any other person on the Headquarters premises at the request or invitation of the renter or renter’s guests or invitees. 

Payment: 100% payment is required up front at the time of booking. Headquarters accepts cash, check, or credit card. Cash or check payment must be pre-arranged and dropped off within 1 week of booking. Guests can pay with credit card using the link in their booking confirmation email within one week of booking. If not paid within 1 week of booking, Headquarters Booking Support reserves the right to cancel the event. If a renter wants to modify the length of an event (begin earlier and/or end later), additional hours may be added and must be paid for within 1 week of event modification. If renter refuses payment, Headquarters may seek legal action for repayment of the invoice balance plus legal fees.

Cancellation: Headquarters Booking Support will always make an effort to find a suitable date to reschedule your event at Headquarters, free of charge. If you must cancel your event, our cancellation policy is as follows: All events cancelled on or before 30 days of your event will receive a 50% refund of the booking price. All events cancelled within 30 days of your event will not receive a refund.

Occupancy: The maximum occupancy limit is 200 total guests or 100 seated guests. These are strict limits put in place by the City of Newport Fire Marshall and are non-negotiable.

Rates: We believe that hosting your event at Headquarters should not only be fun, but affordable. Headquarters rates lock in at the time of booking. Due to increased demand and changing market prices, Headquarters reserves the right to increase booking rates for future events. Current rates and other pricing information can be found on our website under the “Pricing” tab.

Event Time/Scheduling: At the time of booking, renters can block off as much time as needed for the duration of their event plus time for drop off, setup, decorating, cleanup, and pick up. The minimum booking time is a 4 hour block (3 hour event + 1 hour of setup/cleanup). If additional time is needed, renters can add additional time by the hour, up to a total of 12 hour time blocks. Renters have the option to split up time blocks (e.g. early morning drop off/setup/decorating). On average, events run over their time block by 30-40 minutes. We kindly ask that renters err on the side of caution and round up their booking time slot by an additional hour to cover any overages in setup/cleanup/event duration.

Start Time/End Time/Multi-Day Bookings: Due to the proximity to neighboring businesses and residents, Headquarters has a strict event start/end time policy. All events may begin no earlier than 6AM. All events must be cleaned up and out the door by 12AM. If your event wants to go later than 12AM, please contact Headquarters Booking Support to discuss an exception to this policy. If you would like to host a multi-day event, Headquarting Booking Support can assist in scheduling and pricing.

Damages and Theft: Headquarters shall not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property that guests/contractors bring onto the premises. The renter shall be liable for lost, stolen, or damaged guest/contractor personal property brought onto the premises. The renter shall be liable for any loss incurred as a result of theft, physical damages, or by any other means, by both themselves and their guests, to Headquarters facilities and personal property. Headquarters has the right to bill the renter for the value of stolen/damaged items or for reimbursement for facility/property repairs.

Headquarters Staff: Headquarters will provide at least 1 person on site for setup and cleanup of your events. During the event itself, one of our staff members will be on site or nearby, and on call to take care of issues or questions that arise during the entirety of your event.

General Laws: The renter is responsible for making sure all guests adhere to all Federal, State, and Local laws.

Parking: Both metered and unmetered street parking is available and well as a free public parking lot across the street, located at the Newport City Building (998 Monmouth Street, Newport KY 41071). Metered parking runs until 12AM, Monday-Saturday. For larger events, additional overflow parking is available one block away at the Campbell County Clerk Office (1098 Monmouth Street, Newport KY 41071). Headquarters does not provide valet service. If valet service is needed for your event, please contact Headquarters Booking Support for more information. Headquarters is not responsible for fees incurred due to illegal parking by guests or contractors.

Alcohol: Headquarters is not liable for the consumption, over consumption, underage consumption, or injury/death caused by the consumption of alcohol by guests on the premises. Alcohol consumption by guests is the sole responsibility of the renter. All renters must be over the age of 21 years old to be allowed to host an event at which alcohol is served. Minors (under the age of 21) will be allowed to attend events serving alcohol, as it is the responsibility of the renter to keep alcohol out of the reach of minors. Absolutely no minors will be allowed to consume alcohol on the premises, no exceptions. Unless otherwise noted in rental agreement, all events at Headquarters are Private Events (not open to the public). For all private events, at which no alcohol is for sale to guests, renters are allowed to bring in their own alcohol for guest consumption. For both private and public events, if alcohol service is provided by a caterer or bartender (e.i. open bar, cash bar, drink tickets, etc.) said caterer or bartender must be licensed to serve alcohol in the state of Kentucky. Proof of licensure and insurance required minimum of 7 days prior to event date.

Smoking: There is a zero-tolerance no-smoking rule at Headquarters. No persons shall smoke or vape inside of the premises, including the front alcove/porch. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, marijuana, and e-cigarettes. If guests wish to provide cigarette disposal units for smoking guests on the public sidewalk, the renter is responsible for cleanup and removal of butts and disposal units after the event ends.

Firearms/Weapons: It is strictly prohibited for any person to carry any firearms or weapons of any kind on the premises, unless the person carrying is a law enforcement officer authorized to carry weapons at the time of the event. 

Furnishings: Headquarters Event Center is furnished with tables and chairs for guests, tables for food/drink service, a sofa, and four antique rugs. Other items provided on site include storage lockers, coat rack, fans, music equipment, tablecloths, centerpieces, projectors, coolers, miscellaneous extra food prep/service items, miscellaneous toiletry/cleaning items, and miscellaneous plants/decorations. Renters are welcome to provide additional furnishing for their event, provided by the renter, caterer, or event rental company. Arrangements for furnishing drop off and pick up must be completed 7 days prior to event date and coordinated with Headquarters Booking Support for day-of logistics. Headquarters is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged furnishings provided by renter, caterer, or event rental companies. The renter is responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged furnishings provided by renter, caterer, or event rental companies.

Decoration: Renters are allowed to decorate the event space with their own decorations, as well as some on site decoration options provided free of charge by Headquarters. Brick and wood walls are fitted with intermittently placed nails for hanging banners, balloons, lighting, signage, wreaths/greenery, photos, etc. We encourage renters to decorate the space to fit the style of their event, but we ask that no physical damage be done to walls, floors, woodwork (interior/exterior) for decoration installation. All decorations must be removed by the renter at the end of the event during cleanup. The following decoration items have been banned from Headquarters: glitter, confetti, smoke, incense, bubbles, rice, or similar messy items. If any of these banned items are used, guests will be responsible for paying a $200 cleaning fee. Candles may be used for event decoration under the following conditions: 1) Candles must be 3” or smaller votive candles only, 2) Candles must be unscented, 3) Candles must be in glass containers 4) Candles must be extinguished and removed by renter after the event 5) Lit Candles must not be left unattended 6) Candles, candle damage, wax spills, and candle fires are the responsibility of the renter.

Cleanup: Headquarters wants to make cleanup as easy as possible for our renters/guests. We provide six trash cans in the event space, one trash can in each bathroom, as well as access to extra trash bags. It is the responsibility of the renter to dispose of all food, drinks, cups, plates, napkins, catering items, boxes, plastic/paper tablecloths, disposable decorations, balloons, or any other items brought into the event space. We require that all trash be placed into the provided trash cans and left in place. All full trash bags will be removed from cans by Headquarters Staff. If a trash bag becomes full during your event, full trash bags can be placed in back storage room or disposed of in the back alley dumpsters. Additional trash bags can be found in the bottom of each trash can. We ask that large pieces of trash, decorations, and food scraps be picked up from the floor. If spills knowingly occur during your event, we ask that the spills be cleaned up as soon as possible using cleaning supplies and towels found in the kitchen, and be marked with a yellow wet floor sign located in the kitchen. We do not require our renters to sweep or take out the trash at the end of the event.

Food and Catering: Headquarters Staff is not responsible for delivering, preparing, serving, or disposing of food from your event. If a caterer is used, the renter and the catering company will be responsible for delivering, preparing, serving, and disposing of food for your event. Headquarters is not responsible for any allergy or sickness caused by food served at the event. Caterers proof of licensure and insurance required minimum of 7 days prior to event date.

Kitchen: The event center has one basic kitchen. The kitchen does not include a Stove/Oven. Caterers are limited to bringing portable warmers or food warming trays for hot food service. An ice machine is provided on site. Kitchen includes a food prep counter, a microwave, two large white coolers, two bowl sink with strainers, cold/hot water, rolling food cart, refrigerator/freezer, scissors, wet floor signs, bottle opener, lighter, fire extinguisher, and cleaning supplies. The kitchen also stores extra trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery items. Kitchen barn doors can be closed, and caterers can use the kitchen and back storage area for food prep and organization.

Bathrooms: The event center has two bathrooms. Both bathrooms are lockable, gender neutral, and ADA compliant. A key, for opening/locking a bathroom, is kept on site in case of emergencies. Bathrooms are supplied with toilet paper, extra toilet paper, paper towels, soap, air freshener spray, a trash bin, and a feminine hygiene product waste bin. Bathrooms will be cleaned prior to your event and cleaned by Headquarters Staff after your event.

Live Music: Our guests are welcome to hire musicians to perform during the event. We ask that band setup does not take up more than 100 sq ft (10ft x 10 ft). Small unpowered mixer and audio amplifier provided free of charge. Musician and band setup must be approved by Headquarters at least 7 days prior to event. Live music must be completed by 11PM.

Wifi, Audio, Technology: We provide free wifi to our guests at Headquarters. The wifi name is “Headquarters Event Center” and the password is “headquarters”. We provide a powered speaker and audio hookups for iPhone lightning port and AUX, for music to be played from a phone or other electronic device during your event. Audio must be kept at a reasonable volume, as to not disturb neighboring businesses and/or residents. Headquarters provides two projectors on site for guests to project slideshows, videos, movies, sporting events, karaoke etc. If projectors are to be used, Headquarters requires that files to be displayed be hand delivered or electronically sent to Headquarters Staff at least 7 days prior to the event. Headquarters Staff can assist in setup of audio/visual equipment upon arrival.

Photography: We encourage photography at our events. If photos are to be posted online, we ask that you tag Headquarters Historic Event Center in your pictures. Please be mindful of other guests right to privacy.

Privacy Policy: Headquarters has the right to post/repost/share photos of your event on the company website, social media, and/or other marketing. Please notify Headquarters Bookings Support in writing if you wish to remain anonymous and/or not have your event photos published on the company website, social media, and/or other marketing. Event/Venue photos taken by Headquarters Staff are property of Headquarters and can not be sold, shared, modified, and/or published without expressed written consent. For security and liability, Headquarters is fixed with security cameras in the main event space, excluding bathrooms/kitchen. We are mindful of our guests right to privacy.

Mobility Impairment: Headquarters has 1, 8” step at the entrance to the event center. The entire interior of the event center contains no steps and is mobility friendly. We have a portable mobility ramp on site, available upon request, if needed for the entrance step. Both bathrooms on site are ADA compliant.

Fire/Exits: The premises are fitted with 2 audible smoke detectors. There are two emergency exits on the premises, one at the front door, and one in the rear of the building through the kitchen. Guests can exit the front of the building or follow exit signage to rear in case of emergency. ADA compliant restrooms are fitted with strobe signalling devices for hearing impaired guests. Fire Extinguishers are located in the front room, rear room, and kitchen and are white in color. In case of fire, Headquarters asks our guests to exit the building and call 9-1-1


For questions/issues that arise during your event, please call:

Mike Smith (859) 888-0573 (or)  ________________________________________________

In case of emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Address: 935 Monmouth Street Newport, KY 41071

Main Electrical Shut Off: Near Rear Exit Door 1st Floor

Main Gas Shut Off: Front of Building Basement

Main Water Shut Off: Front of Building Basement