Food Questions

  • Can we bring our own food? Yes. Headquarters does not require that you use a caterer to supply food for your event. Guests are more than welcome to prepare and serve their own food at their event.

  • Can I use any vendor/caterer? Yes. Headquarters is not exclusive to any specific vendors or catering companies. Guests can hire any catering company of their choosing, and can arrange catering logistics with Headquarter Booking Support.

  • Can you recommend any caterers to use for my event? Yes. Headquarters Booking Support would be more than happy give you a few amazing catering options for all different food types, price ranges, and service options. Please contact Headquarters Booking Support for more information.

  • Is there a kitchen on site? Yes. We do have a small kitchenette on site for our guests to use for food prep during their event. Features include sink, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, trash can, and extra counter space. The kitchenette does not have a stove/oven to cook food. We also provide up to 4 electric heated chafing trays for warming food for your event. Guests are also welcome to bring crock pots for food prep.

  • Do you have coolers we can use? Yes. Headquarters provides 4, 150QT large white coolers for our guests to use free of charge during their event. Guests are more than welcome to bring and use their own coolers during their event.

  • Do you have an ice machine? Yes. We have a large ice machine on site for guest use.